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This issue of Frontline Momentum focuses on demystifying data collection and analysis. Articles include an introduction to community science, tips and recommendations for kicking off a community-based research project, and a partner spotlight featuring the Community and College Partners Program.


Detailed Description

Accessing scientifically sound, publicly available data is a necessity and a challenge for community-based organizations. At FRI, we understand the value and importance of data for frontline and environmental justice communities, and are committed to curating and creating resources that facilitate data collection and analysis.

This issue of Frontline Momentum explores data specifically through the lens of community science. In this issue’s partner spotlight, you will learn about the Community and College Partners Program, an organization that works with a network of more than 80 partner organizations to provide pro bono technical assistance to frontline communities based on their self-identified needs. The issue’s feature article provides an overview of community science with a specific focus on AGU’s Thriving Earth Exchange program, based on an interview with Natasha Udu-gama, Ph.D., Director, Community Science Advancement and Sustainability, AGU Thriving Earth Exchange. Finally, the issue’s guest author, Dr. Onyemaechi C. Nweke of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, offers some valuable tips and recommendations for community-based organizations looking to start a community-led research project.

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